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Minime PCLinuxOS Web Server Setup Guide

1.  install apache 2
2. we need to add permissions to user to edit html files without being in root
3. in pclinuxos control center we click on manage the system user and group
we find the user name we going to use to edit the html files
in the group tab list we click on the user name to highlight it
then we go back up to the top click on add group there you type apache click on add
repeat  this step add root

by the user name should be 501 which is permission  user name ,root and apache

that done
close it out

4. reason root home folder so to get to var folder then www folder
need tho permission to edit the webpage files,
we also add to user group permission apache and root
but if you try to do anything like run synantpic you still need root password
to be able to install any program

5. log into root
click on home  icon
see the blue icon with arrow going up
click on it once
now you see lot of folder  find var folder
right click on var folder
scroll down to properties click on it
click on permissions tab
onwer can view & moditly content
group  should be the same
other  can view content only
click ok
open var folder  find www do the same as you did with var folder
but this time check mark the small box at bottom to
this give you permission to edit everything in the www folder which you need
for the user to edit

open www folder there you see the html folder
you see a index html file this is the file you can start with to edit
with what ever html editor you want to use
you must leave the name  as index.html
this is the start up for the webpage

open with kwrite
it say  it works!

ok now that done
close that all out

6. open up pclinuxos control center again
click on system
then click on configure the system services
ok here list of service running on your computer
here where you need to check to see if shorewall firewall is going
make sure it start up at boot so click on the box x in it box hit start

next is httpd do the same thing

that all you need to do there

7.  ok now we can go to dyndns.com  sign up
get a user name and password

then log in  select  services
then you click on dymanic dns a free service for tho with dymanic ip address
here where you choose your what you going to call your site

one thing you have to remember is you have to log in everytime you turn off your modem when you do that it reset your ip addresss ok
so you have to login at dyndns .com modify your ip so your site go out to the net
plus you need to do it every 4 week  just to make sure it is right

8. now all this being done  next is the router
you need to set the router  up to
for port forwarding to the right computer
apache 2  need port 443
you might try see if it go on port 80
my router i have it setup on both port here

that all you need to do
now make a webpage and enjoy

if it all work you just type in this localhost in browers you should see a page
we look at earlyer call it works!

    that all you need to do

From my friend Duan

Creating an ISO image
When you are satisfied with the changes and customisations, you are ready to create an ISO image. This is probably the easiest part of the remastering process. All you have to do is to launch Konsole, become root, and enter mklivecd livecd.iso, where livecd.iso is the name of the final ISO image. There is, of course much more to it. You can run the mklivecd tool using a number of options, which gives you more control over the remastering process. For example, using the --nofile or --nodir option you can exclude particular files or directories from the final image, while various boot options allow you to specify how your remastered PCLinuxOS boots. For example, using the --keyboard option you can specify the default keyboard layout, and the --resolution option allows you to define the default screen resolution. You can easily access the full list of option using the mklivecd --help command.

last paragraph courtesy of http://www.linux.com/feature/44293

 Extremely bulky but the server on a live dvd will never change unless the dvd gets scratched.

 The author passed so this page isnt changing 

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